The Alphabet Book

The Alphabet Book Summary

This is a delightful book for children learning their ABC's. Beautiful crisp images fill the page with letters and easily recognisable pictures to help children build their memory and confidence with learning the alphabet. 

All images and text are fixed layouts and hence will present exactly as children would experience with traditional books. 
Children will enjoy choosing this book from their virtual bookshelf.

Book Reviews


كتاب لولي بوق5 star


The Best coloring book ever

there are more letters in the alphabet1 star

where were some of the letters some were missing15

Sexy back95474828

Wrong book1 star

The alphabet book downloads as the animal book. The animal book downloads the animal book. Please fix so I can download the alphabet book. Thanks.15

Mojo chop

Expecting the Alphabet3 star

I enjoyed the pictures, but when most parents download or purchase alphabet books the experience is the letters will be in order. I will remove this book off my cloud. Disappointed.35


Horrible1 star

How about we put the letters in the right order.15


Great5 star

This book was great for my little brother at 18 months. Little kids love this book. It helps learn some of their animals.55


Really good5 star

It helped me get an a on a asl project55


The best5 star

Best book a 37 year old Canadian could read55


The Alphabet Book5 star

Great Book for toddlers.55


Ms5 star

Excellent book.55

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