Intro to App Development with Swift

Intro to App Development with Swift Summary

This course is designed to help you build a solid foundation in programming fundamentals using Swift as the language. You’ll get practical experience with the tools, techniques, and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app from scratch. You’ll also learn user interface design principles, which are fundamental to programming and making great apps. Prior programming experience is not required for this course. If you have programming experience, you can move through the early lessons quickly as you continue to learn about software development tools, concepts, and best practices that go beyond programming fundamentals.

Book Reviews


Update the versions4 star

Great book, just need to go through update the verisons that are referenced… we are on xcode 12.5 now. :)45


Title5 star

Congress has been doing55


078238961845 star


a goog user

Playground files do not work with newer versions1 star

Will not even open Xcode. Sends error report to Apple. XCode12, Catalina No content in the book, all in the files.15

Trumpet man--

Excellent Beginner Book5 star

(Disclaimer:I had no prior coding experience) Just finished the course, I enjoyed every chapter, but the final project was too difficult to do on my own (exclusively with knowledge from the book). A note to readers: It helps to supplement the chapters’ materials with videos by CodeWithChris on YouTube.55

Old Swerdlow

Desperately needs an update2 star

I got as far as chapter 5 and then the book became unusable. I’m using Xcode 11 which wants you to use SwiftUI. This book doesn’t have that. The book focuses on storyboards, but some of the features in the book are no longer in Xcode. Don’t even try this book until it gets an update.25


Yes5 star

I love this book awesome55


Great Book For Beginners5 star

This is a great book for those starting out learning Swift!55


I4 star


Captain Toasted

Lesson 17 does not work, yes it does.5 star

My mistake. Seems i can’t follow instructions.55

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