Love You Still

Love You Still Summary

One night brought them together. Life tore them apart. Returning home may be their second chance.

Leaving Moon Lake and serving as a Navy SEAL couldn’t erase the pain of Peter’s past. When he returns home as the new deputy Sheriff, it’s with hope for a fresh start in the place with old roots. But it also means exposing deep wounds—his own and the one he inflicted on Lisa. What he did to her is his biggest regret, and seeing her again brings up feelings he thought long-buried.
Lisa may have moved on, but she never got over her first love. Not the way Peter seemed to forget about her the minute he left her bedroom and ultimately town. She hadn’t planned to return to Moon Lake, but her father’s accident forces her back to face her past…and come toe-to-toe with Peter.
Despite her best efforts to remain unaffected by the man, her stupid heart still beats faster around him. And when she stumbles upon a body and learns there may be a serial killer in their sleepy town, it’s Peter’s arms that offer her the comfort and safety she desperately needs.
But with a psycho on the loose, can they overcome the scars of their pasts before a killer ends any chance for their future?

Book Reviews


Love You Still4 star

Good read! Finished it in one all day read.45


Love you still5 star

This was a great book. It had great characters. Lots of suspense and action. Also sizzling love scenes and a happy ending!55

The Banana Eaters

Great story fast read5 star

Great story also had some sadness but overall in the end there is happiness and closure. Great characters!!55


Love you Still4 star

Enjoyed the story a lot. Sometimes it seemed to skip a bit. Could use a bit more editing but overall a very sweet romance.45


Love you still5 star

This is a good story and a great ending55

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