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Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad with iPadOS 14 and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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Thank you, Robert Sharpe, and Apple!5 star

The iPad is a great little device and this User Guide is very helpful!! Please keep this updated in the Apple Books Store. Having it offline is very convenient. Thanks, again!55


PGE 65 star

So super cool. It would help if I could print this page. So easy to navigate. Transferring all data from my old iPad was a snap; all I had to do was set them side by side and let the cloud do the work.55


perfect5 star

Exactly what I needed.55


Reading these helps5 star

The key goal was to have a detail basic knowledge of the device points of controls from WiFi settings and compatibility of backup options I have to read up on my devices several times before it sinks in and I appreciate apples simple guides were you don’t have to follow a image and actionable information For it is less distracting thank you55


Easy Read5 star

Also, very easy to follow illustrations. Very clear instructions, even to a previous PC User.55


Definitely5 star



Yup3 star



Not enough info2 star

It tells me nothing I hope to see. Example how to get iPad working with google.com25


Doesn’t work as it describes2 star

This app is strictly Apple making money and not to help you. I tried several times to place a book title and author under my list “want to read”. This was done following the directions Apple provided. It was done after several failed attempts to locate the book through Apple Books. All it keeps bringing up is users manual for the I phone.Big help huh kinda like Siri who only knows how to respond “I’m sorry I can’t answer that”! Oh why did I ever give up my user friendly android?25

kitten dance power

Love it5 star

It helped me use my iPad better55

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