Develop in Swift Fundamentals

Develop in Swift Fundamentals Summary

Students build fundamental iOS app development skills with Swift. They’ll master the core concepts and practices that professional programmers use daily and build a basic fluency in Xcode source and UI editors. Students will be able to create iOS apps that adhere to standard practices, including the use of stock UI elements, layout techniques, and common navigation interfaces. Three guided app projects help students build an app in Xcode from the ground up with step-by-step instructions. Xcode playgrounds help students learn key programming concepts in an interactive coding environment that lets them experiment with code and see the results immediately. They’ll explore app design by brainstorming, planning, prototyping, and evaluating an app idea of their own.

Book Reviews


Can’t zoom in?! Why?4 star

Can’t zoom in?! Why? Is this a bug or by design?45


Great Book5 star

It goes into alot more detail than most courses, it would be better if it had more questions though but great especially because its free55


Love it5 star

I’m a hobby programmer and enjoyed this book. I didn’t have any difficulties with the screen shots. I could double tap on my iPad, go full screen and then zoom. With the Mac version I was able to double click and open a full screen view. In fact the iBooks, illustrations are the best I have ever used. Best of all this is free! Thank you Apple!55


Terrible1 star

The screen shots and instructions do not appear to match xcode 12.5. The screen shots are too small to see in two page layout or even in one page layout. This book is just terrible.15

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